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Clowns: IT and Trump

Europe made Kingsley detach from the constant US political news and now he wants to focus on himself. Halynka cheats at Scrabble. Talking: Circuit...

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Pleasant Stockholm, Cool AF Amsterdam, Sexy Paris, and Business-Casual London. Talking: Language, Travels, Julia Roberts, Fat Americans, White American Women, Customer Service, The French,...

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We misplaced our subtitle somewhere in this damn house! Talking: Costumes, Stealing Shoes, Swearing on a Bible, Black Santa Clauses, Ross Mathews, and Tons of Memories. Thank you: Joanna Muñoz for our awesome logo Sean Ursani for our amazing theme music Whitney Benham for being our fantastic announcer And...

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All The Things

“Sasha, Darling, Can You Write A Brief Description of Tomorrow’s Episode?” Talking: Sasha’s Amazing Talents, Sasha’s Wonderful Wit, Sasha’s Ability To Make Every Situation Better and Everything Else That They Never Say About Me (Including All Of The Above). Enjoy! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts...

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Dead Celebrities

To be famous is so nice. Even if you’re dead, right, Sasha? Talking: Of Mice/Men, Jodie Sweetin, Top Celebrity Death Hopefuls, Nuns Looking Funny While Running, and Being Called An Asshole By George Lopez. Photo by Wendy Scofield on Unsplash Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android |...

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A Lil Bit About Us

In the 80’s, a feisty dirty-blonde flibbertigibbet, HALYNKA BENHAM, brought forth a svelte, auburn-haired baby, KINGSLEY BENHAM, into this world. Halynka raised him and his sister single-handedly while also being a full-time boss-ass-bitch. The children quickly became proficient in sarcasm, general charm, side-eye, and faking-it-till-you-make-it. Halynka was a great role model without pretending to be perfect – she’s a baller, making cheddar in the cutthroat world of high-end retail. Kingsley grew up to be a goofy, professional creative-type and yo-yo dieter with an indestructible sense of confidence and gravity. In the last two years, Halynka and Kingsley joined forces to entertain millions on two highly ranked Buzzfeed videos. Now they have their own podcast where they discuss things like aging, road rage, aging, day drinking, shitty birthday gifts, soup, and aging.

Halynka Benham

Halynka Benham

Host, Boss Bitch, Mother
Kingsley Benham

Kingsley Benham

Host, Shade Master, Son
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