Coming full circle

Talking: Couch prices, not paying for couches, Venmo to split charges, Google translates signs, DAVIN, “Eh?”, getting sick in a semi-truck, eating fast food, coming FULL CIRCLE, it’s Halynka’s hand, doctor visits during retirement, picking sides of your family, 20% off Nordstrom, taking the compliment, “who walks into dispensaries?”, taking breaks, and CFO is a space person.

Really, really love That’s My New Thing? 

Hosted by: Halynka Benham and Kingsley Benham

Produced by: Kingsley Benham

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Thank you:

  • Joanna Muñoz for our awesome logo
  • Sean Ursani for our amazing theme music 
  • Whitney Benham for being our fantastic announcer


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