MLK Jr. SPRINGS into the 80’s // 302

GANDHI FALLS into 90's fashion!

TALKING: Kingsley lost 20 lbs, traveling makes you feel fat, and delicate ankles.
FALL, AUTUMN, OR SPRING: time change, autumn food, spring cleaning, Tiki Joe.
MARTIN LUTHER KING Jr. OR GANDHI: MLK Jr. is more likely to enjoy brunch, Gandhi sat around a lot, MLK Jr. had a gay “friend”. ALSO, is it called a mustache if it’s attached to a beard?
90’s OR 80’s: Dad died in the 80’s, and big hair is always the best. ALSO, dance music with sad lyrics! Enjoy!
Really, really love That’s My New Thing? 

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  • Sean Ursani for our amazing theme music 
  • Whitney Benham for being our fantastic announcer


Hosted by: Halynka Benham and Kingsley Benham

Produced by: Kingsley Benham

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