Honey, you a Dirty Mother F*cker // 304

Clean Cauliflower and Brown Sugar, Duh.

TALKING: Halynka being abducted by her ride share driver, Kingsley doesn’t think Halynka is nice, and Kingsley is sick AGAIN.
DIRTY MOTHER FUCKER OR CLEAN MOTHA’ FUCKA’: Shaft’s theme song, Halynka doesn’t listen to her boss.
BROCCOLI OR CAULIFLOWER: Broccoli’s color is beautiful, South Pasadena Police Department sent Halynka a dozen yellow roses, Kingsley like Broccolini, and Halynka can’t say cauliflower. ALSO: Valentines, Bob Seger, Michelob Ultra. 
HONEY OR BROWN SUGAR: Italian Teriyaki, Kingsley likes fake maple syrup more than the real stuff, and Halynka hates honey.
Really, really love That’s My New Thing? 

Thank you:

  • Joanna Muñoz for our awesome logo
  • Sean Ursani for our amazing theme music 
  • Whitney Benham for being our fantastic announcer


Hosted by: Halynka Benham and Kingsley Benham

Produced by: Kingsley Benham

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