107 - Classic

Talking: Harassment, Black Lives Matter, and somehow gun control, again.
We take a quick dip in the Weinstein pool to discuss how we can prevent women from being put in these awful situations. We also discuss how men can be apart of the conversation without trying to make it all about them. Enjoy!


Relationships are hard even without all the lying and deception

Talking: Exploding Birds, Being The Other Woman, and Minding Your Own Business


Well, we thought we were going to talking about entertaining but ended up spending the whole hour on important things. Las Vegas. Puerto Rico. Guns. Speaking Polish. Farting in other languages.

Things are getting serious this week – Kingsley and Halynka dive into some pretty heavy topics, after enjoying a couple glasses of wine. Now that’s not to say they aren’t going to try to make you laugh, but they are sidetracked in all the right ways. Enjoy some unfiltered, slightly buzzed, political opinions from your favorite non-political podcast!

The Bottle Review

Santa Margheritta

Wedding – Free 

Halynka’s Score: 4/5

Kingsley’s Score: 2/5 and then, once chilled properly 4/5

Final Thoughts: Halynka saw the brilliance of this wine even before it was at the proper temperature. But it took Kingsley three ice cubes and two glasses to finally appreciate it.   

Advice 2

We are giving ourselves an E for Effort!

Let’s chat about doilies and salmon teriyaki, penis and vagina sex, and open lines of communication.

The Bottle Review

Elouan Pinot Noir

Halynka’s Score: 4/5

Kingsley’s Score: 4/5

Final Thoughts: It’s a great Pinot! 


Let's get into the differences between the generations. We talk health, style, and the Peter Pan Syndrome.

We also spend a large amount talking about headphones, shopping, being friendly to local store clerks, and how much better Halynka is at caring about strangers. Kingsley talks about his bad mood and why sometimes you should just take a brain day and let that random bout of depression have one day to cool off.

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