We are talking Birthdays!

Good day, Peoples of the World! It’s our first episode! In this episode you will hear about:

Kingsley tries not to get pregnant

Halynka really likes gifts but hates public displays of porn on her birthday

Shit is their favorite curse word

Please enjoy this episode! And come back every Tuesday for our new episode! Kiss, Kiss!

The Bottle Review

Vacanze Italiane Prosecco

Whole Foods Market – $11.99  $9.99

I forgot to snap a photo of the bottle, so, I grabbed this from the internet. Photos we take do NOT look this good - TRUST.

Halynka’s Score: 4/5

Kingsley’s Score: 4/5

Final Thoughts: Tiny bubbles! Lovely for brunch or any daytime event, including shower drinks. No need to add OJ.

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