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Show Notes:

Below are the questions we answer in this Advice episode.

Twinkle asks:

I want to explore a new life in a community far from family and I feel guilty about it. It seems like I’ve spent most of adult like supporting everyone else’s choices and needs. I don’t know if I can be strong enough to move forward. Help.

“Donny” asks:

I just started a new job. It’s a lot of responsibility and is a bit high profile. The interview process was quite grueling and even though I got the position, I turned off many people in the process. I just want to do my job, even though I’m not really qualified and am making it up as I go along, but everyone won’t stop picking on every little thing that I do, from calling me out on lies, making fun of my hair, and mocking my hands (they are really tiny tbh). Any advice on how I can just float by under-the-radar for the duration of my contract (4-8 years, but I doubt they’ll renew it after year four – though stranger things have happened!) and trick these fools that put me here?

AJ asks:

I constantly feel left out of social/friend circles. I have lots of friends who I really cherish, but have yet to find that special group I hang out with all the time. I’ve tried hanging around with different groups before, but still feel left out when invites for fun things go around, and have even experienced some degree of apathy and being ignored when I meet closer friends’ wider circles. I can be shy and quiet, but I feel like that’s off-putting to a lot of people even though I can’t really help that. I’ve even seen closer friends of mine who’ve I’ve introduced hang out all the time without me. Beginning to think there’s something inherently unlikeable about me.

I’ve tried putting myself out there and am a genuine, kind, and amicable person; so what am I not getting?

Animal Lover asks:

I really want to get another dog, but my wife doesn’t want any more pets. How do I (gently and lovingly) talk her into getting more furry babies?!

Red State Stuck asks:

I am a straight white male in a mid western red state. I would describe myself as liberal. I liked Bernie but eventually voted for Hillary. My parents are the exact opposite of me in those regards. My father is blatantly racist and homophobic, my mother won’t disagree with him or even talk about those subjects with me. I want to help black people, the LGBT community, and women but I don’t know how. I live in a medium-sized town in the middle of nowhere. Help what should I do?

Poley asks:

I have been invited on a weekend trip with a group of my college mates for my best friend’s 30th birthday. I don’t want to go anywhere with most of these guys, I really liked them in college but aside from 1 or 2 of them they all act like immature shits. I’m feeling a lot of pressure to attend because he IS my best friend and it is a big birthday. What should I do? Go and grin and bare it OR bow out and celebrate with him separately? My best friend really wants me there. I really don’t want to be.  

Thanks for listening (reading)!

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